Watch this Movie!

“When it all goes quiet behind my eyes, I see everything that made me lying around in invisible pieces. When I look too hard, it goes away. And when it all goes quiet, I see they are right here. I see that I’m a little piece in a big, big universe. And that makes things right.”

-Hushpuppy from Beasts of the Southern Wild

Last Sunday, I went to see Beasts of the Southern Wild all by myself. This was the best film to see without any interruption. I cannot even begin to express how utterly beautiful the story is. Not only is the entire film visually gorgeous, it also presents a heart wrenching story. Set in what I assume is a post Katrina, bayou called “The Bathtub,” Hushpuppy and her father brave the elements to survive. It’s told through the narrative of Hushpuppy, the heroine of the film.

By the end of the movie, I felt as if my heart had been busted open then quickly stitched back together before I realized it. You might cry but you will definitely feel things. It’s a wonderful approach to a topic I think Hollywood is often scared to confront. Racism, poverty, and painful family occurrences make the film full of difficult scenes. But, in the end it is a beautiful, beautiful piece of visual poetry.


I’m Having a Bad Day

detroit rockMy travel experience went from 0 to 8.5 in about two months time. I find a special kind of happy when I’m lugging my baggage and frantically running to my gate. So far, I really like these chaotic things happening now. But today, I am having a bad day. Last night, I left my warm apartment in Seattle at 10:00pm. Then, I  took a plane to Detroit and held my eyes open from 6am until 9am. At 11:30am, they alerted us cranky few that the flight was canceled due to mechanical issues. Many were moaning and complaining and saying, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” One of those public instances where people bond through negative experiences. I do not like!

For all we know, the plane could have blown up into tiny pieces. We’re lucky that it was canceled. However, I am very much-needed in Evansville, Indiana tonight. I’ve accepted this is not going to happen. After helping organize a Startup Weekend in my hometown for the past 6 months, I will miss opening night. Womp womp.

I was shuttled to a creepy hotel where I watched the Beyoncé documentary and had a piece of pizza. I was just accepting the situation. Then, after some badgering from friends, I called Delta back and insisted they put me on a different flight. So, here I sit once again in the Detroit Airport. It’s cold, I’m cranky, & my usually perky demeanor is somewhere on the floor of that hotel. My next flight leaves in an hour where it promises to take me to Chicago. I’m hoping for a smooth transition but who knows. Things are going to happen as they should. I really do not have any control over it. Flights are great experience for control freaks such as myself. We have to let go and trust the fine folks behind the desks and phones will just get us to our destination.

I plan to make it to Evansville sometime tonight. I hope it happens. I have looked forward to this weekend for months and hate to miss our event Skype Steve Blank. Friday night of every Startup Weekend usually sets the tone and pace for the entire weekend. Luckily, the organizing team is phenomenal and they will be just fine without me.

Cheers to this bad day. It’ll pass and soon I’ll be in my hometown at the very event that changed my life in the first place. I’m going to throw on some Bob Marley and ride out this day.

Too Many Awesome Links Sunday

spacemanI was about to share about three or five different pieces I read this morning. Then, I realized how annoying that will be to my fellow internet friends. So I will just share them here.

Disruptions: On the Fast Track to a 3-D-Printed Future

Nick Bilton of NYT did a catchy few words on the rise of 3-D printers in America. If you’ve ever seen one of these bad boys in person then you can relate to the excitement. I watched one make an optical prototype out of corn product last year. It’s a ridiculous method of creating tangible products. This is a great read to see the progress of 3-D printing, check it out!

Are We Alone in the Universe? 

I also came across a great TED video playlist that revolves around the simple question, “Are we alone?” Fascinating and sometimes spooky research at SETI allows us to begin the early phases of answering the question. One notion that baffled me is when Seth Shostack commented on how seeking out other lifeforms will undoubtedly allow us to progress our own world. If you’re into extraterrestrial things like I am, then give these videos a look.

This Week At Startup Weekend

Things are going well in the Startup Weekend office. This week we joined the national bandwagon of doing the Harlem Shake, duh. You can catch me riding the horse. I mean Dan. Please note all the hidden gems throughout the video. There are a lot. Such as Deb skyping in from London on one of the laptops. Or our main man, Marc wearing a robot hat made out of a box.

startup weekend

And then we celebrated our fabulous organizers on Valentine’s Day!

Don’t Share This!

DOAI am alive! It has been an incredible first month in Seattle but a busy one. I need to start writing again even if nobody really cares. So, I am going to start writing as a human being again and not someone trying to school you on social media or internet things. Sure, I may still talk about those topics but I’d rather write about other things now. Stay tuned.

Maybe I’ll write about gay rights or how my foam mattress is in my living room because I can’t set up my furniture on my own. In other words, I’m going to talk about EMOTIONS, people! Probably will also do a few pieces on what to do when you move your life across the country with no savings what so ever. Or perhaps how Seattle has many attractive men, once you can see under their beards. I’m slowly detaching from being completely involved with social media. It is a turbulent relationship that needs to calm down and I need to start being my own person again. ttyl.

Week One is Done!

SeattleI’m sure you’re sick of hearing about my “moving to Seattle” adventures but oh well. Why are you still reading?

I have successfully completed my first full week of my new life. It seems as if I have lived here forever yet I still feel fresh from the Midwest. I would like to say a huge, killer THANK YOU to this city. You’ve kicked my ass a few times but so far, I still love you. And the people! Seattle is home to some of the finest people I’ve met. Everyone has been so welcoming and it probably helps that my new co-workers are all the best people in the world. There are few decisions that I believe 100% were the right one. But I can say that accepting a job with Startup Weekend and moving out here is one of my best decisions, ever. It changed my life and I have barely gotten started. Continue reading

What Happens When You Start Doing Things

Pit of BaneWhat happens when you start following your instincts? What happens when you start to think for yourself even if it means spending more time alone? What happens when you take a leap off the ledge? Amazing things happen. Perhaps I am biased, but recently I had about 48 hours of anxiety followed by pure bliss. I got my dream job in a city I can’t wait to live in.

It seems a little wrong, right? I graduated about three weeks ago and now will be heading out to work at an organization that is doing some monumental things in the entrepreneurship world. Hell, they’re doing big things in the world in general. I have never been more honored to be welcomed onto a team. I do feel a little guilty. How does this happen? Shouldn’t I be struggling to make ends meet and pounding the pavement with my well designed resume in hand? Shouldn’t I be crying about school loans and worrying about some dude who doesn’t text me back? Continue reading

2013 Is The Year of the Thing: A Parody

monkeys answer the callThis year will be the year of VIDEO and MOBILE! It will also be the year when Facebook finally allows us to copy and paste our own souls onto our timeline. It may also be the year of sending words via your mobile device! Another big thing I predict is that everyone in the world will be using mobile apps. Just wait, they’re going to be HUGE! You will be able to track your ex-boyfriend, balance your bank account, and start your own damn car! It will be fascinating!

Apple will also release a new non-needed but highly wanted device that fits directly into your eardrum. You will never have to listen to people talk in real life again, never! You’ll be too busy inserting your brainwaves onto your Facebook timeline. Also, Google Glass will totally become a thing, so sign up now. Kim Kardashian will start wearing them in August of 2013, so make sure you buy your pair before she does. Then, Kanye will release his own line of Google Glass then Sears will sell them. Then Google Glass will be o-v-e-r. Continue reading

Rantings: Your Presentation Sucks!

In today’s ranting session, I talk about presentations. In the past ten years, I have sat through many horrible presentations. It seems that too many are still relying heavily on Power Point (gross!) and others believe Prezi is the second coming of software. We often use catchy graphics and interaction to make our presentations look more visually stunning. While some may look nice, nobody wants to see 300 leaves falling on your presentation one by one. It’s distracting!

Also, I cannot sit through one more slideshow with 75 slides! It is physically impossible for me to pay attention. My advice for a killer presentation of any kind is to focus on the message. Omit all fancy graphics and keep it clean, kids! Make your content and your words the fascinating piece of the pitch. Some of the best presentations I have seen involve one person, a message, & a whiteboard.