5 Ways to Stop Writing Lists

whatThe internet is now saturated with quick tips on how to Grow your startup team in 7 actions or 20 Things I learned from my Ex-boyfriend while living in Vietnam. While I do enjoy a quick read (much like this post will be); I also enjoy reading complete sentences that don’t rely on large text and numbers to do the work for them. The titles of some articles are incredibly appealing, I know. It’s hard to not click that pretty little link that promises to Teach Yourself HTML in 75 Steps. 

Humans are natural-born list makers and it feels damn good to check tasks and or thoughts off a curated list. By the end of these articles, one is certain to obtain enough micro-knowledge to become a millionaire or Olympic superstar. I only find myself dissatisfied and slightly cheated. I want more solid information and I want it in one sitting. Don’t give me a list of links that force me to link chase for an hour only to end up where I started. Stop it! It’s sad to see multiple platforms falling into the BuzzFeed trap and it makes me want to cook a Sylvia Plath inspired lunch. Stop…making…lists.


Building a city like a startup: Las Vegas


I’m writing this post from a bright, beautiful condo courtesy of the Downtown Project in Las Vegas, Nevada. You know, sin city? The city that is known for strippers, the Wolfpack, & other cliché characters. I planned my trip here to take the Zappos tour and meet with some of the Startup Weekend community members. I was excited to meet the people but I certainly was not looking forward to the loud sounds of slot machines and tourists wearing fanny packs. Within three hours of stepping foot in Vegas, I realized my preconceived notions were completely wrong.

An Investment in People

On day one, I began with a tour of Downtown Las Vegas. This is not the strip, Elvis doesn’t take your photo, and good luck feeling like a tourist. One of Tony Hsieh’s many ideas, The Downtown Project, is hand crafting a community based on collaboration and creativity. I had read the stories and retweeted the #vegastech related pieces but I had never stepped foot in it until this week. The tour started in Tony’s actual apartment which is seemingly a direct extension of the Zappos office. A representative from the project overwhelmed me with knowledge and ten minutes later, I got it. The excitement in the plans translated into my own system. This is a hugely ambitious project but it’s working. The downtown portion of Las Vegas has been in dispair since the 1950’s. But now, the streets are filled with people eager to change the game of Vegas. Continue reading

Too Many Awesome Links Sunday

spacemanI was about to share about three or five different pieces I read this morning. Then, I realized how annoying that will be to my fellow internet friends. So I will just share them here.

Disruptions: On the Fast Track to a 3-D-Printed Future

Nick Bilton of NYT did a catchy few words on the rise of 3-D printers in America. If you’ve ever seen one of these bad boys in person then you can relate to the excitement. I watched one make an optical prototype out of corn product last year. It’s a ridiculous method of creating tangible products. This is a great read to see the progress of 3-D printing, check it out!

Are We Alone in the Universe? 

I also came across a great TED video playlist that revolves around the simple question, “Are we alone?” Fascinating and sometimes spooky research at SETI allows us to begin the early phases of answering the question. One notion that baffled me is when Seth Shostack commented on how seeking out other lifeforms will undoubtedly allow us to progress our own world. If you’re into extraterrestrial things like I am, then give these videos a look.

2013 Is The Year of the Thing: A Parody

monkeys answer the callThis year will be the year of VIDEO and MOBILE! It will also be the year when Facebook finally allows us to copy and paste our own souls onto our timeline. It may also be the year of sending words via your mobile device! Another big thing I predict is that everyone in the world will be using mobile apps. Just wait, they’re going to be HUGE! You will be able to track your ex-boyfriend, balance your bank account, and start your own damn car! It will be fascinating!

Apple will also release a new non-needed but highly wanted device that fits directly into your eardrum. You will never have to listen to people talk in real life again, never! You’ll be too busy inserting your brainwaves onto your Facebook timeline. Also, Google Glass will totally become a thing, so sign up now. Kim Kardashian will start wearing them in August of 2013, so make sure you buy your pair before she does. Then, Kanye will release his own line of Google Glass then Sears will sell them. Then Google Glass will be o-v-e-r. Continue reading

The Power of Community Management: Seattle Art Museum

The name being used for “the people behind Facebook & Twitter accounts” is community manager. These are the people tweeting you from your favorite brand. Sometimes, they are an actual part of the brand and sometimes they are not. However, it is rare that I am actually wowed by a brand’s social media engagement. It is rare that I feel as if I can consider a brand my friend. With that being said, I want you to meet the Seattle Art Museum.  Continue reading

My Favorite Technological Playlist

If you are anything like me, you love a good tech commercial. Google, Apple, Samsung, and yes…even Internet Explorer commercials seem to be utilizing the best music. Luckily, I have compiled some of the top songs from said commercials. In a perfect world, I would create a book club type group where we sit and view commercials that inspire us. Surely, there is an advertising college course like this somewhere?

After a long night of research and remembering, I think I have found some of the top songs from my favorite commercials. I am indeed biased when it comes to a good Google+ commercial, they just have great music! Even if you do despise Internet Explorer or you pride yourself on being anti-Apple, you cannot deny that fantastic tunes coming from these guys. Once an artist is featured on an Apple or IE commercial, their career seems to be catapulted! Just ask The Black Eyed Peas or Alex Clare.

See The Complete Playlist on Inkable

The Best Thing I Read All Weekend!

While doing my usual Twitter browsing tonight, I noticed Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian had retweeted a fantastic Forbes piece on the #Internet2012 mission. Alexis and another Reddit member have been touring the nation on a bus that is helping spread the message of startups and entrepreneurial ideas. The main theme is focused on finding talent in your own tech ecosystem.

In the Midwest, Reddit finds a thriving startup culture

This is an issue that strikes fear into the heart of many. We all know that Silicon Valley is where it’s at. All other startup hot spots are only mirroring that area out west. Or are they? Perhaps these other people are just doing cool stuff and not leaving town to do so? This issue hits close to my own ecosystem which is located in the heart of the Midwest. Indiana may not scream, INNOVATIVE ECOSYSTEM but we’re quickly becoming one.

I’ll talk more about this later but it is hard to deny the shift occurring all across the world. People are no longer letting everyone in the valley get all the glory. Every city, no matter the size, has an opportunity to do something great with the talent they already have access to. Expand on your knowledge of your current location. Maybe you don’t think your current city has anything to offer you? Or maybe you just need to create it yourself.