5 Ways to Stop Writing Lists

whatThe internet is now saturated with quick tips on how to Grow your startup team in 7 actions or 20 Things I learned from my Ex-boyfriend while living in Vietnam. While I do enjoy a quick read (much like this post will be); I also enjoy reading complete sentences that don’t rely on large text and numbers to do the work for them. The titles of some articles are incredibly appealing, I know. It’s hard to not click that pretty little link that promises to Teach Yourself HTML in 75 Steps. 

Humans are natural-born list makers and it feels damn good to check tasks and or thoughts off a curated list. By the end of these articles, one is certain to obtain enough micro-knowledge to become a millionaire or Olympic superstar. I only find myself dissatisfied and slightly cheated. I want more solid information and I want it in one sitting. Don’t give me a list of links that force me to link chase for an hour only to end up where I started. Stop it! It’s sad to see multiple platforms falling into the BuzzFeed trap and it makes me want to cook a Sylvia Plath inspired lunch. Stop…making…lists.


Your Hometown Does Not Suck

PINNNI stood slightly drunk in a German themed bar in Seattle, Washington on a Saturday night. For a few hours, I was transported back to my hometown. The beer and German food was all it took.

A man aged about 45 years old was on a geography induced tirade. A nice guy but seemingly uneducated on the mere locations of his own country. He was physically shocked at how close my hometown of Evansville, Indiana was to Nashville, Tennessee. “I thought everyone just wanted to go to Chicago,” he asked. When I told him about the other cities near my hometown, he flew into an eyebrow raising conversation. For fun, I told him the truth that I have never even visited Chicago! Hell, I had only just visited Indianapolis for the first time last year! Continue reading

Rantings: Your Presentation Sucks!

In today’s ranting session, I talk about presentations. In the past ten years, I have sat through many horrible presentations. It seems that too many are still relying heavily on Power Point (gross!) and others believe Prezi is the second coming of software. We often use catchy graphics and interaction to make our presentations look more visually stunning. While some may look nice, nobody wants to see 300 leaves falling on your presentation one by one. It’s distracting!

Also, I cannot sit through one more slideshow with 75 slides! It is physically impossible for me to pay attention. My advice for a killer presentation of any kind is to focus on the message. Omit all fancy graphics and keep it clean, kids! Make your content and your words the fascinating piece of the pitch. Some of the best presentations I have seen involve one person, a message, & a whiteboard.

Rantings: Facebook is Fake!

I have come to a conclusion in my seven years on Facebook. Its fake. I’m fake, you are fake, we are all fake! Calm down, I’m not saying you are putting up blasphemous status updates. What I mean is that the human intimacy created on Facebook is fake, it’s not real. We are going around “liking” everything and believing that this gesture is enough. Continue reading