5 Ways to Stop Writing Lists

whatThe internet is now saturated with quick tips on how to Grow your startup team in 7 actions or 20 Things I learned from my Ex-boyfriend while living in Vietnam. While I do enjoy a quick read (much like this post will be); I also enjoy reading complete sentences that don’t rely on large text and numbers to do the work for them. The titles of some articles are incredibly appealing, I know. It’s hard to not click that pretty little link that promises to Teach Yourself HTML in 75 Steps. 

Humans are natural-born list makers and it feels damn good to check tasks and or thoughts off a curated list. By the end of these articles, one is certain to obtain enough micro-knowledge to become a millionaire or Olympic superstar. I only find myself dissatisfied and slightly cheated. I want more solid information and I want it in one sitting. Don’t give me a list of links that force me to link chase for an hour only to end up where I started. Stop it! It’s sad to see multiple platforms falling into the BuzzFeed trap and it makes me want to cook a Sylvia Plath inspired lunch. Stop…making…lists.


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