Do you really need a receptionist?

KEVINHiring and firing is an often controversial topic. Feelings are involved and you are ultimately reaching into someone’s bank account and saying, “No more money for you!” It is a hard process to process. When interviewing candidates, you are trying not to judge them yet isn’t that exactly what you’re doing? Of course there are state laws and regulations that come with questions you can’t ask. There is a fine line between asking too much and not enough. But before you even shake their hand on that first interview, your company should ask themselves, “do we really need a __________?”

When your company is growing, it’s easy to see all the voids that need to be filled. Maybe visitors are aimlessly walking into the door with no one to greet them? Or perhaps an employee quits and there are tasks left hanging in the wind? It is easy to quickly write-up a vague job description, post it on LinkedIn, and await the flood of applications. Depending on the position, you will probably receive 30 unqualified, 15 decent, and 5 that really make the cut. It gets exciting. People want to work at your company. Some companies have waited years to be wanted and needed. Now you can finally afford to make a few hires, success!

Interview your own team first

However, before you send that external interview invite; ask yourself a few questions. There are many roles in an organization that belong to a select few. However, if you have a team of intelligent hustlers, they’re probably capable of many streams of thought. Many employees subconsciously hide talents. Maybe your intern or finance person never flexed their product management muscle because they haven’t been given the chance? Too many companies try to pigeon-hole workers with job titles. What would happen if you ripped up your business card? Imagine an office or work space where you were allowed to leap beyond department lines and job titles. If the office dynamic allowed for such actions; you’ll be able to avoid making knee jerk hires. Before you post that job, look inward at your own team. Sometimes there is an employee just waiting for the chance to step up or step out of their normal duties. Turns out, one former job can often be divided and distributed to more than one person. Thus, saving the company money (sometimes) but also preventing wrong hires.

When you hire the wrong people

It only takes one bad hire to disrupt an entire team and I’m not talking the trendy, tech type of disruption. But what exactly is a bad hire?It is never anything personal and at the end of the day, the wrongly hired person is not a bad person. They are a direct result of hiring too quickly. The fault truly lies on those who hired this person. Often, there is not one specific thing, task, or word a bad hire did. If they are not a cultural fit, you have to let them go. Many skills and management tools can be taught. Letting go of a bad hire sooner than later helps both sides. It allows that person to move on and find a place where they truly shine. It also allows your team to reiterate the reasons they hired so swiftly in the first place. Doing without a __________may hurt for a bit and cause others’ inboxes to burst into flames. It is times like these your organization or company finds their stride. Employees will have to get creative in how they check off duties from the person who was let go. But if your team is strong; they can do it.

Every hiring decision must be paired with a long-term plan. “We’ll just fire them” cannot be a sturdy excuse. You need to be proud of your company turnover rate and allow that to be your selling point for new hires. If you ever reach a point where firing someone is easy and just another task, you need to check yourself. With every fire, you need to do a full team review about what went wrong. Learn from your mistakes and acknowledge the work of those who are no longer with the team. As in all relationships, letting someone go so they can find happiness elsewhere is the ultimate gift. You decide who stays and more importantly, you decide who goes. Just make sure everyone is in it for the right reasons and can be that perfect puzzle piece you are looking for.


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