The Odd Bunch: People Who Love Their Jobs

I have a confession. I love my job. I say that with vigor when asked where I work and the general response is usually a solid laugh. Surely, I am being sarcastic? No, I am whole heartedly in love with my job. We’re in a committed relationship that I see no end to anytime soon. I am not wishing away my week and counting down until Friday. I do not dream of being somewhere else while in my workspace. I truly love my job and it’s time I stop apologizing for it.

Sorry I’m Not Sorry

Despite what your curmudgeon friends say, loving your job is actually ok. I realize that many people do not have the luxury of a job they love. A large portion of the world dreads walking into work and cannot wait until 5pm. I get it. We’ve all had jobs that make us feel less than fantastic. Some jobs are physically demanding and cause you to pull muscles and tear ligaments. Others are mentally crushing and seem to drain out every piece of knowledge from your brain. And let’s not forget about those co-workers who seem to be the real life version of the devil or they’re the second coming of Christ. There are multiple factors that often contribute to job hate. While it’s easy to suggest someone should “just quit” their job, it’s not easy.

In January, I took a position with Startup Weekend in Seattle. I had a feeling that I would really like my job. It is a dream organization to work for and their mission is something I think of everyday and often keeps me up at night. However, I was not prepared for the amount of love I would feel for my job. I find myself holding back when asked about my job. Any normal person would hate working 40+ hours a week at a place that made them drive 2,250 miles across the country, right? Not this gal! Too many people love their jobs and are being forced to keep quiet. It is a secret that we are not supposed to share.

Us strange folks who do love their jobs are often met with constant rolling of the eyes. People dismiss our excitement when our ears perk up and we begin to frantically ramble about “wanting more time to work on projects in the office.” My favorite phrase to tell people is, “I can’t wait until Monday!” One would think I told a knee slapping joke!

Join the Odd Bunch

People become strangely offended when they hear someone is in love with their job. Job lovers are forced to defend our own happiness. Why? To make them feel more secure with their own shitty job? From now on, if you’re happy with your job even just a little bit, be proud of that. You have obtained something many never will. Chances are high that you have worked extremely hard to get the job you love. We need to stop apologizing for this. By saying “we” I include myself. It is natural to want to ease someone’s uncomfortable sighs. If we see someone in pain, as many are, we want to comfort them. Therefore, raging on about our fantastic job love can make someone feel uneasy. In some cases, this remains true and it is polite. But, sometimes, we must stand alone in a crowd of curmudgeons and own our job love.


From this point on, let’s make an effort to share the job love. Profess it, tweet it, & instagram your job as much as you want. Toss aside feelings of guilt because others are miserable at their job. Join the odd bunch. If you’re in a job you hate, start drafting an exit strategy. It is obtainable and we all deserve to skip into work every Monday morning. It’s not wrong. This is how fulfilling and inspiring work happens.


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