Too Many Awesome Links Sunday

spacemanI was about to share about three or five different pieces I read this morning. Then, I realized how annoying that will be to my fellow internet friends. So I will just share them here.

Disruptions: On the Fast Track to a 3-D-Printed Future

Nick Bilton of NYT did a catchy few words on the rise of 3-D printers in America. If you’ve ever seen one of these bad boys in person then you can relate to the excitement. I watched one make an optical prototype out of corn product last year. It’s a ridiculous method of creating tangible products. This is a great read to see the progress of 3-D printing, check it out!

Are We Alone in the Universe? 

I also came across a great TED video playlist that revolves around the simple question, “Are we alone?” Fascinating and sometimes spooky research at SETI allows us to begin the early phases of answering the question. One notion that baffled me is when Seth Shostack commented on how seeking out other lifeforms will undoubtedly allow us to progress our own world. If you’re into extraterrestrial things like I am, then give these videos a look.


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