Don’t Share This!

DOAI am alive! It has been an incredible first month in Seattle but a busy one. I need to start writing again even if nobody really cares. So, I am going to start writing as a human being again and not someone trying to school you on social media or internet things. Sure, I may still talk about those topics but I’d rather write about other things now. Stay tuned.

Maybe I’ll write about gay rights or how my foam mattress is in my living room because I can’t set up my furniture on my own. In other words, I’m going to talk about EMOTIONS, people! Probably will also do a few pieces on what to do when you move your life across the country with no savings what so ever. Or perhaps how Seattle has many attractive men, once you can see under their beards. I’m slowly detaching from being completely involved with social media. It is a turbulent relationship that needs to calm down and I need to start being my own person again. ttyl.


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