Week One is Done!

SeattleI’m sure you’re sick of hearing about my “moving to Seattle” adventures but oh well. Why are you still reading?

I have successfully completed my first full week of my new life. It seems as if I have lived here forever yet I still feel fresh from the Midwest. I would like to say a huge, killer THANK YOU to this city. You’ve kicked my ass a few times but so far, I still love you. And the people! Seattle is home to some of the finest people I’ve met. Everyone has been so welcoming and it probably helps that my new co-workers are all the best people in the world. There are few decisions that I believe 100% were the right one. But I can say that accepting a job with Startup Weekend and moving out here is one of my best decisions, ever. It changed my life and I have barely gotten started.

My new and oh so fun job has kept me quite busy. It has also awarded me with countless friends. Most jobs really suck for a few weeks because co-workers can be difficult or you must sit through sexual harassment training videos. Not here! They threw me into the fire and it was fantastic. I was greeted with more than enough hugs and smiles. I truly feel at home.

A few other exciting things that happened this week include: attending my first work party, getting my car towed, finding myself lost on foot and while driving, commuting to work without using GPS, meeting wonderful people from all areas of the world, hearing the “why” of my fellow Startup Weekend team members, jumping over a median in the middle of a highway, seeing an original Frida Kahlo painting with my own eyeballs, visited about 300 apartments in search of a home, & was introduced to a smoky, Mexican liquor.

Whew, I think that’s it.


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