A Full Circle Story That Ends in Seattle

SeattleLess than one year ago, I attended my first Startup Weekend in my hometown of Evansville, Indiana. My life was changed immensely and I began to take the steps towards following my passions. If you’ve followed me or know me, you know that a lot has happened between February 2012 and December 2012.

There were a few heart breaks, new jobs, I finished college, met fantastic people, mentored & helped organize another Startup Weekend, spoke at TEDx & I now have a new nephew. In between those anecdotes, there are twenty more that I could speak about. It has been quite the story book romance that ultimately ends in a brand new city. Last Friday night, I accepted a job at Startup Weekend Headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

A Little Obsession Goes a Long Way

My love for Startup Weekend is a weird, slightly obsessive one. It’s just that I am extremely grateful for the opportunities this organization has given me. Every step after my participation in Startup Weekend Evansville has led to this. The journey to tonight is a long but quick one. I am thrilled beyond belief to be in the official Startup Weekend family.

To some, Hollywood is their dream. Or they dream of going to NYC and hosting the Today Show, I don’t know. For me, working closely with Startup Weekend has been a dream since my first event. I would have never, ever imagined it would take me directly to their office in Seattle. Did I mention how thrilled I am? It has still yet to sink in yet three apartment managers have already called me tonight. I’m drafting an exit strategy to leave Indiana.


If it looks like I’m leaving Indiana in the dust, that is an incorrect view. My goals to help foster entrepreneurship and innovation in my hometown are still very strong. My hope was to help in whatever ways I could. I’m pretty sure I did a few cool things for my town. But you guys can handle it. I am excited to keep in contact with everyone and watch the city grow into a hub for entrepreneurship.

However, I feel it is time to venture out to a new city. I will take what I have learned in the Midwest and bring it to Seattle. I cannot wait to hear about the fantastic things Evansville is doing and will continue to do in the name of innovation.

I could write thirty stupid cliché scenarios about starting a new chapter, but it’s true. I am cultivating my own damn life. It is something I have longed to do since childhood. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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