Rantings: Facebook is Fake!

I have come to a conclusion in my seven years on Facebook. Its fake. I’m fake, you are fake, we are all fake! Calm down, I’m not saying you are putting up blasphemous status updates. What I mean is that the human intimacy created on Facebook is fake, it’s not real. We are going around “liking” everything and believing that this gesture is enough.

Merely “liking” a picture of a baby is not the same as sending a note or making a phone call to say, “Congrats on the baby! I can’t believe you pushed that thing out.” We are experiencing higher rates of social media burnout and every time someone likes our status, our day is made. Or so Facebook wants us to believe.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Facebook. But, for every time a friend likes a photo of mine, the more mundane that action becomes. I recently had a friend say they “liked my graduation” photos and that was more than they do for other people. Liking a photo is not enough. People are posting real life accomplishments on Facebook to document them and yeah, maybe get a few likes and some love. But Facebook is not, I repeat, is NOT a replacement for human connection.


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