Making a Quick Exit

Failure is a good practice. Failure makes us better. We learn from each and every failure. Some of the top three major life fails have taught me more than any class ever will. It is a scary notion, to seek failure. But at the same time, it is comforting to know that even after we lose, we usually gain a whole lot more. But sometimes, you can sabotage yourself. I often have honest talks with myself when I am conflicted or feeling negative. Luckily, the positive voice usually kicks my ass into gear.

I’ve mentioned how many projects I am continually involved in. There are quite a few but I like it. I really do enjoy staying busy with things that inspire me or encourage me to grow. However, I do have nights where I wish I could just walk away from everything. I could send a resignation email or politely bow out of a group. Then, I’d be free.

A Complicated Exit Strategy

But it wouldn’t be easy. It would be easy to leave a job that didn’t have a place in my heart. I’ve done it countless times. Its similar to putting a knife through a walker’s head. (Walking Dead reference, it is Sunday night!)

There was a point last month where I was fully prepared to walk away from New Ink. I have been working with them for almost 10 months but I was feeling my presence was no longer contributing to the team. I didn’t feel like my role was a positive or negative one and it seemed to be a perfect time to step away. A close friend of mine had done the same and it was a heavy influence for me. Then I realized how I would feel the next day. The New Ink team has become like family but they have also taught me countless lessons about working in startups and how to swallow my pride when it needs swallowing. So I stayed. I went up to visit most of them in Indy this month and gained a whole new respect and passion for the company. Sure, I probably won’t work for New Ink for my entire life. But my time isn’t finished yet.

If you are fully immersed in a dream or goal then it will not be easy to walk away. That is how you will know if you are in it for the long haul. If you can leave a post-it note on the desk of your boss telling them you have quit, then that job did not hold much importance. If you are contemplating quitting a job or any other life decision, think about the day after. Will you still care? Will it be a clean break? Chances are high that if you can quickly walk away from the scene, then you were not that attached in the first place.

Instead of adding another failure to your list, think about why it was so easy to walk away. Reflect upon what would have made you stay. Then, take those ideas and find a place or maybe even a person who will make it difficult to leave. Maybe you will find out that it really is time to exit. Or maybe you will learn that it’s not quite time to walk away.


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