The Story of Womp Mobile

Do you find yourself browsing a website on your mobile device that seems to be lacking something? Perhaps it just looks bland and uninspiring? From a user standpoint, it is an immediate turnoff. Womp Mobile is fixing this problem.

I recently  sat down with Womp Mobile Founder, Madison Miner, and talked about how his idea of informing friends about ski reports has turned into something much more. By sat down, I mean he was sitting in Washington and I was sitting in Indiana. But, as we all know Skype knows no distance.

The Womp Mobile Story

In 2005, Madison was toying with the idea of scraping websites for certain chunks of information. He created a program that aggregated weather reports from websites and gave it a home. He found his friends were constantly waking up early in order to scan various sites in order to get their information. Madison watched his idea become quite popular within his community of Bellingham, Washington. Then, he realized this service could be utilized for more than just ski reports based on weather conditions.

After allowing his idea of website segmentation to incubate, Madison Miner created Womple. His vision was to bring device ready websites to the masses without sacrificing any creativity in the process. Womple was a “hobby that grew” into a real business and more importantly, a useful product.

In 2009, Womp Mobile, filed for a patent pending application that allows you to select an area of the Internet. The selection is then manipulated into a ready to view site. This means no more squinting and pinching on your phone.

Womp Mobile aims to take the hard work out of device compatible website developing. Not every company has a full backend support system. Womp does not ask their customers for much. All they ask is you send them the URL of the site you wish to convert. That’s it!

See Inkable for the rest!


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