Startups: Silicon Valley

No, I do not work in a massively funded startup. No, I do not live in Silicon Valley. No, I do not wear Chanel earrings. Therefore, the rest of this may be irrelevant. But, I do not care. I have procrastinated the viewing of Randi Zuckerberg’s Startups: Silicon Valley on the Bravo channel for a few weeks.

I love startups. I am in one. I help people start them and I help people learn about them. However, this show is atrocious. This show is a disrespectful piece of entertainment that’s sole purpose is to create revenue and display the intelligent “women in tech” as dumb and dramatic. Besides the fact that the show clearly focuses on the actors’ social lives, there is little talk about real startups. I believe I watched episode two or three and they perhaps aired about 10 minutes of real work. A few “investor meetings” ended poorly and  alluded to a cute rooftop pool party. Blue swim trunks were involved.

Here is my issue. Any type of person can work in a startup, I suppose. However, I think we are finally seeing the glamorization of startups and the tech industry. This happens with various rapid growth industries. Throw a few pretty faces in front of it and bam, you have commercial fame. Not to mention the show is an HOUR long.

See Scribd’s Trip Adler Laughing @ This Show

The worst part, is that Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi is the mastermind behind the show. She is a true “woman in tech” yet she gets behind a project that emphasizes all the wrong things. Personally, it hearts my head and it hurts my heart. I know many hard-working people in startups who have given up EVERYTHING to see their ideas succeed. Yet, if you can be cast in a cable television show, then you are golden! I love seeing more tech companies be given the glory they deserve but I do not like seeing the ideas being exploited. What’s next Bravo? The Real Housewives of Google?

I’ll leave you with a quote from the show, “Jake is so hot, I forgave him immediately.”


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