The Best Thing I Read All Weekend!

While doing my usual Twitter browsing tonight, I noticed Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian had retweeted a fantastic Forbes piece on the #Internet2012 mission. Alexis and another Reddit member have been touring the nation on a bus that is helping spread the message of startups and entrepreneurial ideas. The main theme is focused on finding talent in your own tech ecosystem.

In the Midwest, Reddit finds a thriving startup culture

This is an issue that strikes fear into the heart of many. We all know that Silicon Valley is where it’s at. All other startup hot spots are only mirroring that area out west. Or are they? Perhaps these other people are just doing cool stuff and not leaving town to do so? This issue hits close to my own ecosystem which is located in the heart of the Midwest. Indiana may not scream, INNOVATIVE ECOSYSTEM but we’re quickly becoming one.

I’ll talk more about this later but it is hard to deny the shift occurring all across the world. People are no longer letting everyone in the valley get all the glory. Every city, no matter the size, has an opportunity to do something great with the talent they already have access to. Expand on your knowledge of your current location. Maybe you don’t think your current city has anything to offer you? Or maybe you just need to create it yourself.


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