Lock Up Your Facebook People!

Is your Facebook safe? If you are a community manager of any kind, you should have your Facebook account on lockdown. Or even if you find yourself logging on from various devices around town, your Facebook account should be more protected than Fort Knox. Although, I’ve been there and I watched a foreign gal get through with a fake i.d. But, that’s besides the point.

I help manage a certain number of Facebook accounts. It’s my job. But, I also run my own profile. While using various computers around campus and other places, I’ve noticed a shocking trend. People are not logging out of their accounts! It is a scary and sad truth. Do you realize how much of your life is tied to Facebook let alone your email accounts? Luckily, I am a highly ethical person and always log out for those aloof few who remain signed in. Do they realize their bank statement is just sitting on the screen?

Privacy People!

It is extremely important to protect your online identity. If you lose Facebook, we all know you will lose 85% of your life. And you will lose those Halloween pictures from 2007 that you hold so dearly! I recently stepped up my privacy by enforcing a device verification setting I found on Facebook. It’s nothing new but it’s called Code Generator. It’s fantastic and makes me feel as if I am logging into top secret government websites. Only, I’m not. I repeat, I am not.

Browse your privacy options and see what steps you can take to ensure your account is safe and semi-hack proof. Also, please make your pass codes are more difficult than your dog’s name + your birth year. I may joke about online privacy but it is such a good practice to implement into your internet usage. You may also want to remember that you should change your passwords every three to six months. Call me the privacy police, but these are big problems I have encountered lately.

There are far too many people whom I know that pass around their info like it is no big deal. Or maybe you’ve used the same one for years? Do yourself a favor and save yourself a panic attack. Change your passwords often and implement extensive procedures to make sure your online identity is safe.


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