What Your Emojis Say About You

Depending on where you are in life, you’ve probably sent a few of these guys at least once this year. I realize that not all people are iPhone users and Android fans have their own versions. But honestly, they suck. I love Android robots but Apple emojis are simply the best.

I was taking a quick inventory of my most recently used emojis. They’re not too fun. Granted I’ve had a pretty rough and hectic week, they make sense. If you can’t tell, most of them have tears and there is even a skull emoji! What does that mean? Have I wished death upon someone or have I been referring to Halloween activities? Maybe I used one to talk about a ghost from the past? Those are all very real options. Some of the above hypothetical usages are true.

I’d love to see what other recently used emojis look like. If you are a constant traveler, I bet there are lots of cute airplanes and foreign flags. Are you head over heels in love? I bet your recents display hearts and those emojis where people are holding hands and GASP maybe the wedding emojis.

When Texts Imitate Life

My belief is that connecting the dots to mundane, everyday habits can help reveal things about yourself. My own realization is this: I have been far too sad and down lately. I would love to do an emoji recap in a few weeks or months and see how different my own recent emojis will be. Perhaps there will be more smiley faces, airplanes, & salsa dancing ones? I sure hope so.

At the end of the day, we are what we text. We spend our days texting the ones we love and sometimes the ones we loathe. It is our decision whether we want to communicate positive words or in this case, positive emojis, or negative ones. I’d like to say my usage of the ghost and skull were Halloween related, but they weren’t.

Take an inventory of your own daily communication habits. What do they say about where you are in life? Maybe you’ll learn a little about yourself. Maybe it’ll urge you to make a change. I know I will. Just like Michael Jackson sang, “I’m starting with the woman in the mirror.”


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