Renegades Write The Rules: Part 1

We all have those people we follow and subscribe to. For me, many are mentors or other inspiring people that I really seem to connect to. You don’t always have to meet someone in person in order to know who they are. For me, Amy Jo Martin is that person. I have followed her on Twitter for quite some time now and she…is…riveting. Her TEDtalk alone is enough to get you off your ass every morning. That is why I was thrilled to receive an advanced copy of her first book, Renegades Write The Rules to review before it hits the shelves. Did I mention I was thrilled to also see a hand written note from Amy Jo herself?

Thanks to Social Media

Among many other opportunities I have received via Twitter, earning an early copy of this book is one of the best! She put out a call to bloggers everywhere to sign up for the first editions of Renegades Write The Rules. I signed up immidiately then tweeted Amy and her team that I had done so. Being the engaged bunch they are, they tweeted me back. It wasn’t the first time I had personally interacted with Digital Royalty via social media and it surely will not be the last.

Amy Jo Martin is a classy example of how passion and success take time and above all else, it takes knowing yourself. We all know that Twitter is a place to be yourself, hawk products, or retweet other content. Some are doing it extremely wrong. Amy and Digital Royalty are doing it extremely right.

Being the Amy Jo Martin mega fan that I am, the first few pages were a bit of a refresher course. She shares stories of her early days with the Phoenix Suns and how she meets her first highly successful social media client, Shaquille O’Neal. What started as innocent input on Shaq’s Twitter account ultimately resulted in the launch of a social media consultancy agency, Digital Royalty.

Finding My Inner Renegade

It wasn’t too difficult to hop on board with Amy Jo’s mantra of writing your own rules. I myself find this type of thinking to be the best way of thinking! RWTR encourages readers to take the “me” out of media, color outside the lines, and to “show some skin.” While these all may sound traditional or no brainers, the problem with many brands and people in general, is that they are hiding behind a Twitter handle or a Facebook Page. Amy Jo focuses largely on building brands that connect to their fans and friends on a more personal level. She reminds us that each brand, whether it be Nike or a small business, needs to live up to their full potential. Companies are often too scared to lose a little control and really “show some skin” via social media.

Although selfish, I found myself feeling as if Amy Jo had written this book just for me. I talked to myself aloud many times as if I was watching her speak in person. “Hell yes!” “Amen Sister!” Amy’s early stories of the Wild Wild West of social media are inspiring. Many fellow social media enthusiasts remember the days of talking to ourselves on Twitter or when Facebook seemed too intrusive for our parents. We know how quickly those ideas have changed!

Innovation Nation

One of the many inspiring ideas Amy Jo writes about is that of innovation. She lives and breathes it. The first half of the book focuses on her love of spreading new ideas to the world. This of course, involves social media. “Innovation is being redefined by one primary force today: social media,” is on page 15 and I promise you that it is underlined, highlighted, & memorized.

I look forward to finishing Amy Jo’s first book this week and I’ll write a follow up piece when I reach page 171. In the mean time, I’ll keep being my own version of a renegade in hopes of rewriting a few of my own rules.



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