Snoozing Is Not the Answer

We spend a lot of time in bed. Depending on what you’re doing, some spend over half their lives in bed. Sure I may Skype an interview or draft a new article from the comfort of my bed, but I know when to get up. Frida Kahlo painted many of her last pieces in her own bed. But, Frida Kahlo is Frida freaking Kahlo and she was deathly ill at the time.

I want to mention a word I am obsessively terrified of: laziness. I used to be one of “the lazy ones.” I’d stay out late into the early hours of the night only to spend the bright hours of the day, lying in bed. Or someone’s couch but that’s not important. I never knew how productive I could be during the daytime. 

Increasing Your Life Value

Potentially, we have about 12-18 hours a day to be productive. Of course, that depends on what time you hit snooze and what time you lay your pretty little head on the pillow. However, life happens as it should. Traffic is bothersome, babies cry, boyfriends don’t return texts, deciding between Cabernet and Merlot can be time-consuming, and other problems can suck your precious time.

I certainly don’t advise driving and working on your phone but there are many ways to increase productivity throughout your day. I’m not going to lie; I know we all do it.

Option #1: GET OUT OF BED! Seriously, just get up and start the day. Everyone else is doing it and they’re a few steps ahead every time you hit snooze. There is something so sweet about waking up early and getting a little work done while the rest of the world snoozes.

I realize our days are long and hard. I really do, but to get everything out of life, we must do the work. We cannot lounge our lives away. Plus, it only increases the levels of guilt when doing so. Think about the last time you spent the entire weekend in bed. Nice, I’m sure. But did you deserve it? I whole heartedly love a good lazy day or two. But, some people need a wakeup call!

Life is literally passing you by while you flip channels, stare at the kitchen table, or whatever else you’re doing. Get outside and throw a ball or read a riveting book. (May I suggest Amy Jo Martin’s Renegades Write the Rules?)

Earn that Free Time

Many people have highly demanding jobs and lifestyles so of course they deserve a little “me time” or a day to literally do nothing*. Start earning those lazy days, people! Because when you do earn them, they feel that much more magnificent! If you take full advantage of the chaotic days, then you’ll be able to recognize how lovely a lazy day can be. Do I even need to reference the SNL Lazy Sunday video?

I’m not encouraging you to work yourself to death but I am insisting you get out of bed! I know, I know…I’m guilty of working myself like a crazy person too. It’s a constant struggle.

There will come a day, when none of us will no longer be able to hop out of bed and do naked cartwheels at 7am. So until that morning comes, stop being so damn lazy and maybe just hit snooze once. Or you could be a real rebel and not hit snooze at all! You can only avoid life for so long until it says, “Ok man, good luck.”

*nothing: when one lays face down on their bed and attempts to not think for at least twenty minutes. Often, fashion magazines or style blogs are involved.


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