Startup Weekend HQ, Seattle, & TEDx!

Whew! Since the launch of Inkable, my life has shifted into hyper overdrive! I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I am still alive, because I’m afraid some people may be wondering. I’m constantly writing, editing, collecting contributors, and dreaming of Inkable. But, there are a few other exciting occasions that are happening too. Did you see the mid-season finale of Breaking Bad?!  But when I say dreaming of Inkable, I literally dream of that purple layout and the content on the site! Sometimes it would be nice to just dream of a Mexican beach but whatever, I’ll take what dreams I can get.

Powering Through

I have two more months until I can finally say I am a college graduate with massive amounts of debt. I’m honored to attend college because many do not have that opportunity but man I am ready to be finished. I am totally understanding how people drop out of college just credits shy of graduation. Not because I’m lazy but because I literally have life screaming for me to get out there already. How does one Skype with a Canadian entrepreneur when they have a morning class about building a résumé? Geez Louise! Luckily, my family and guys at New Ink keep me sane, most days.

On the home front, I am about to become an aunt for the third time! It’s a busy and anxious time in my family now. We are more than ready for the new little man to make his way into the world. I know my sister is more than ready!

This brings me to the week of October 1, 2012. This week will be ridiculous! I have never in my life scheduled so many huge events into a such a short period of time. Early that week my sister is due with her first child! Commence the happy tears!

Later that week, I will travel to my second home of Columbus, Ohio for something big! I’ll be visiting my other sister and her family while in Ohio but I have also been given a wonderful chance to speak at TEDxYouth Columbus. A crowd of young peopled ages 14-25 are going to be thrilled to listen to me ramble on about being crazy. Well, at least I hope they’re thrilled!

And then for the finale of the biggest week of my life, I am taking my first ever flight to Seattle, Washington! I know you’re probably falling out of your chair at that statement. My name is Demi, I’m 23 and I have never flown on a plane. But, that shall soon change! Why Seattle? Why not?

Phase Two

But, really I do have rather fun and daring reasons to visit. Along with visiting a very good friend of mine, I will also be spending the afternoon at the official Startup Weekend Head QuartersMost people who know me, know that I am obsessed with Startup Weekend. So, through a series of emails and super expert stalking, I will be stomping the grounds at Startup Weekend HQ. Shout out to Claire Topalian! You can probably imagine the shrieks of joy I wanted to scream when I read the email confirming the visit. But, as usual, I was sitting in a classroom and had to contain my excitement until later.

Also, I am an official organizer for Startup Weekend Evansville 2.0! Even better reasoning for my visit to Startup Weekend HQ to be that much more thrilling. I promise my time will not be all work! Really! I intend to have a marvelous time while in Seattle just seeing the city.

Prepare for massive amounts of instagramming & happy tweets.


3 thoughts on “Startup Weekend HQ, Seattle, & TEDx!

  1. Way to go Demi! I can completely understand why people drop out of college too! Depending on their field of choice, technology for example, by the time the course is completed the info they are “teaching” you is outdated.

    It makes my heart happy to hear that you are not intimidated by life or by what you will do after graduation but that you are truly ready to spread your wings and fly.

    Naturally I think you are the most brilliant, beautiful and yet grounded young woman I have been blessed with the opportunity to watch evolve. Some might think I am biased since I am your Aunt and have loved you your whole life, however, I have had many opportunities over the years to meet and speak with many people of your generation, and mine, but met few that we’re truly excited and passionate about life like you are.

    Reading your articles is like breathing really fresh Spring air. I am so proud of you and look forward to seeing the future through your eyes!

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