For the love of the Internet

I’ve confessed my love for the internet many times before.  Everyone loves the internet because it’s cool and you can use it to do cool things.  However, I LOVE the internet.  Not one site or one feature but the entire damn thing.  Ever since I was a girl, I knew the internet was going to be “my thing.”  While I knew little about it in the beginning, I dove head first into this mysterious world.  Page after page of information lead me to new ideas everyday after school.  I adored every minute on this new phenomenon.  Which, luckily my parents paid for.  Can you believe we paid for it?  Obviously we still do in a way but not like in the beginning.

This brings me to Friday night’s London Olympic Opening Ceremony which was fanfreakingtastic.  Danny Boyle outdid himself but you already know that.  What I want to touch on is the acknowledgement of Mr. Tim Berners-Lee also known as the inventor of the world wide web.  I call him father Tim.  The image above still gives me legitimate chills.  The internet has turned into much more than a source for information or a way to send a message.  It is now a way of life and it evolves every minute of everyday.  Thanks to wonderful minds like Mr. Berners-Lee, we now have Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Mashable, CNN, AOL, Google,this blog, The Huffington Post, your aunt’s Etsy page and the list goes on.  I am no expert on Tim (yet) but I know enough to realize the contributions he made will cause ripples in our world for the rest of our lives.

So even though Tim Berners-Lee will probably never read this post, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my data filled heart.  Without you, there would be nothing.  This truly is for everyone.


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