Creating a 2.0 Version of Yourself: Part 2

My participation in StartUp Weekend had connected me to numerous like-minded individuals and for the first time I was understood.  Many of us were techie-nerd-social media crazed-wine enthusiasts and it was and still is fucking fantastic!  It put many of my old relationships into perspective.  I began to step more and more outside of my old comfort zones.  These new experiences had me contacting major heads of companies and conversing with venture capitalists on a daily basis.  In many ways, I was getting shit done.

Somewhere between being the quiet girl in the back of the classroom and that fateful weekend, I had grown a massive set of balls and could now do anything.  People who didn’t know me before my “pivotal event” wouldn’t even recognize me.  And vice versa.  Others who knew me before Demi 2.0 often assume I am still drinking every night of the week in public and being ridiculous.

This focused trend has continued for me since February of 2012 and it is now nearly August.  In these short few months, I can honestly say I have become a person I am proud to be.  I have learned that if I cannot make myself happy then I cannot expect someone else to do the job.

Some friends may say that I am now an “old lady” of sorts because my bedtime has become tamer.  I am perfectly fine spending many nights alone with the comfort of the warm glow of my Mac.  Maybe this is because I’m single? But more than likely, it’s because I absolutely adore myself.  I have no problem entertaining myself these days.  Perhaps that sounds conceited and bourgeois but that’s ok.  I could honestly care less about the opinions of others when it comes to what makes me sleep tight at night.

The other day, my best friend, whom I met at StartUp Weekend, used the term “Demi 2.0” in a conversation.  This friend did not know the Demi before February keep in mind.  There are days when I think about what used to make me happy.  Drinking all night into oblivion with friends or guys who were supposed to care about me.  My life has done a complete 180 from what it used to be and I could not be happier.

Sure, I may be a little work obsessed and would rather stay late at work and get shit done than head to dinner with “friends.”  But what I have come to realize is that in order to be happy, to be successful, and to be you; one must find that point where things took a turn for the better.  Be so sure of yourself that you can stand-alone in a room of people who should intimidate you but they don’t.  Be so sure of yourself that the thought of sitting home alone on a Friday night doesn’t force you into the arms of some asshole who can barely hold down a job.  Promise yourself these things.  Remember that we are the only ones who can allow others to make us feel less than fantastic.  Stop outsourcing your own confidence.


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