Recently, On the Internet…

DALE! Just kidding, I am not even quite sure it means.  A friend said it translates to “go ahead!”  If you have lived within thirty miles of the United States recently you’ll know that Pitbull has taken over the airwaves.  Whether you like him or not, the guy is everywhere.  And now, he is all up in our social media.  It is actually an interesting story.  Apparently what began as a social media stunt/prank quickly turned into reality.  The Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska (no word on whether Sarah Palin was involved) held a contest and won.  All the Walmarts in America, so about 3.5 million, were involved in this game.  There was a race to see who could gain the most likes on Facebook.  The same game every single, company in America is playing.  Only this company would be “handsomely” rewarded.

Surprisingly, Pitbull caught wind of these shenanigans and joined in the party.  After Kodiak received close to 70,000 likes on Facebook, the International Lover, made his way to Alaska.  Bravo, Pit, bravo.  It is quite nice of you to leave the comforts of your own celebrity to help make a point.  Touche.


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