“It’s my account and I’ll do what I want,”cry some Twitter users.  My response is this, the rest of us have to see your tweets so really it affects us all.  When it comes to utilizing Twitter to its utmost service, there are a few do’s and don’ts.  Like most social sites, there are those wild accounts that instantly follow you and promise a “good time” and tweet you futile links that use the words, “sexy, photos, webcam.”  Block those guys and gals!  But for the most part, Twitter is a fantastic place to share ideas and countless LOLs with like minded people.  We all have our favorite accounts to keep tabs on and retweet the hell out of.  Usually those doing it best are tweeting useful, informative, funny, or factual content.

I am in no way a Twitter expert but I use it enough to have seen the good, the bad, and the highly untweetable.  Some people really have no business being on Twitter.  Call me a social media snob but some users should stick to MySpace.  If the only thing you wish to discuss are lyrics to all your favorite depressing songs, then by all means private your tweets!  Also, using an insane amount of hashtags for no damn good reason is also a no-no.  Hashtags were meant to help bring people together and discuss common trends.  Not to alert the world that you are #singleandreadytominglebutpleasedontbreakmyheart.  Nor is it to tell the world that your shoes are #blue.  Try using it to express your thoughts on the #HealthcareVote or even that you are watching #Workaholics.  As silly as the last one may seem, it is a mechanism to draw people together.

While, I’m sure I have broken my own rules on occasion, I really try to use Twitter how it was meant to be used.  Which, if you see Twitter Rulebook Page 387 it states: “Tweet whatever the hell you want.”  Ok, maybe not but try to keep in mind that Twitter is place where everyone can see your tweets.  Incase you were too busy tweeting Justin Bieber, The Library of Congress now archives any and all tweets.  Just keep that in mind the next time you tweet a photo of that big, fat blunt you rolled in your bathroom.



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