A Word on Millennials Getting Shit Done…

Some have said that my generation (Generation IDGAF, GenY, or The Millenials) are mindless consumers that run on iPhones.  While some of that logic may be true, I think there is something much greater going on.  Somehow, I think my generation has surprised the world a bit.  Most people who remember the blurry days before the Internet began, were assumed to be slackers by the time we hit our 25th birthdays.  But something happened, we took all the cords, all the apps, and all the ideas and have made them real.

I am seriously proud of what the ladies and gentlemen my age have created.  Sure, some of us may have five small jobs instead of one full time job.  Some work in their pajamas all day yet make more capital than someone clocking in forty hours a week.  Often, we hear the saying, “When one door closes…” I have seen countless examples of Millenials knocking down that damn door before it even closes.  The millenial mantra seems to be “I’ll just do it myself.”  This applies to the workplace more than anything else.  People are no longer waiting around on jobs and running around town with hardcopies of their resumes.  To be frank, we are getting shit done.

I may be sounding very self-aborbed but since I am under thirty, you are probably not surprised.  It is only because I am a keen observer of the shift happening right now.  My generation has become so self-sufficiant that we are not looking for someone to hand us a job.  We’re not looking to be handed anything.  Sure, the job rates are ridiculous but that hasn’t slowed us down.  Often, we are creating jobs for ourselves and for others through innovation ways.  If there is a gap in an industry, we are finding ways to fill it.

From an outside view, I’m sure Millenials look selfish and tech obsessed.  Sure, most of us have sore thumbs at the end of the day but not because we’ve been sitting on them.  There are various examples of this shift in thinking.  One major and fantastic example is that of Startup Weekend.  Watch the video and come back.  Having participating in a Startup Weekend myself, I have seen firsthand at how excited my generation is about great ideas.  Perhaps I’m biased and I assure you I am, but I eagerly await to see what other kind of crazy shennenigens us Millenials will create.  In the meantime, yes we will continue to text while walking, listen to alien music like deadmau5 or Skrillex, but more importantly we will continue to create.

Fifteen years ago we were just children playing minesweeper until our parents came home from work.  Today, my generation is changing the way our world does just about everything.  Tomorrow, who knows what will become of us.  But one thing I do know is that we will get shit done.


2 thoughts on “A Word on Millennials Getting Shit Done…

  1. Yes! The one thing I know about myself, as a person and as a Millennial, is that I’m tired of waiting to be given opportunities. It’s actually much easier and much more fun, when you really put your mind to it, to CREATE your own opportunities. Millennials are reinventing the wheel to make room for the hovercar, and I’m all for it.

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