Friends Searching with Friends

Ever have a nightmare where you walk into the office, classroom, or synagogue naked?  Or how about your entire extended family reads your diary on stage during a family reunion?  Lastly, maybe your doctor is reading your symptoms and medical history over a loud speaker?  That is how I feel about Bing’s new “social search” options.

You should know by now that I am an advocate for all types of social media interaction and anything involved but this is too much.  I also admire my friends’ (well most) feedback on certain topics, I certainly do not want them to know if I’m searching some words and phrases.  For instance, if I am “binging” which let’s be honest who Bings, “Does asparagus make one’s urine smell?”  Why would I want my Facebook friends to see this?  Why would I want their input?  My luck would then result in an ex-boyfriend from junior high commenting on my search.  “Hey, Demi…I have that problem too!”  Initiate facepalm.

I know Microsoft is using Bing to combat the monster that we call Google but I just cannot jump on board with this idea.  Even if their commercials are using super cool musicians like Alex Clare.


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