@Sweden experiments with Twitter

Imagine if America gave random citizens the opportunity to speak on behalf of the country through the Twitter handle of @America or @TheUnitedStatesofAmerica?  This thought instantly sends heebie jeebies and chills up my spine.  I’m all for free speech of course but that idea seems far too risky.  However, the lovely country of Sweden decided to test out this idea.  Would you consider it a modern social media experiment or a horrible PR gaffe?  The answer seems to be a mixture of the two.

The plan is to allow a new guest Tweeter every week to use the @Sweden handle as their own.  Then, that person is free to publicly tweet anything they wish.  So far, it has been quite entertaining and a little strange.  It is reminiscent to allowing kid to stay up past their bedtime in my eyes.  Many of the tweets are highly politically incorrect and throw around racial slurs.  But, then again this is taking place in Sweden.  A country known to always be a little on the edge of things.  The current citizen tweeter went on a rant about how different people say “F#$% You” in various countries. 

I am interested to see where this experiment goes.  So far, those allowing it have laughed along with the rest of us.  They’re not freaking out and releasing PR statement to the UN or knocking on Pete Cashmore’s door asking for help.  Incase you’re not following @Sweden, do so now.  It is definitely worth a look.


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