When Followers & Friends Date

I absolutely love all forms of social media and whatever that entails.  Being able to know what my friends are doing at the exact moment they’re doing it sends me into fits of glee everyday.  I don’t know why and I can’t describe it.  It’s a type of Internet high unlike the other highs out there.  I suppose if you want to get all-philosophical I can say it helps me feel a sense of community.  Even on my loneliest day I am no longer alone because a notification tells me a pal of mine is right down the road.  Or my bff Jill is riding a bike down by the river.  These things get me going.  I love the notion that at any given time, I could probably type out a status or tweet and a few people may see it and smile or laugh.

As fantastical as these ideals are, there is a problem with being within reach of everyone I know and maybe wish to no longer know.  Gone are the days of waiting by the family phone for suitors to call.  Now, you know he’s going to call because he just tweeted, “Picking up the phone to call the most beautiful girl in the world.!”  Then, you receive no call.  You race to his Facebook and other social outlets to see if he maybe got distracted.  I bet he was giving his pet gerbil a quick bath.  Surely, he was talking about you?  You check your tweets like a madwoman driving to her cheating ex-husbands workplace.  Refreshing the newsfeed twenty two times. Suddenly, there it is…he has posted a photo of himself on the phone to his Path.  The nail in the coffin is this: Some semi-attractive girl has liked his photo.  End of relationship.

Perhaps that is a less than realistic take on dating in this day and age but I’m sure many men and women can relate.  While its awesome that we can know what our boyfriend/girlfriend/boo/lover/friend/man friend type thing is doing at all hours of the night, it really sucks.  Maybe we really don’t need to be stalking the bejesus out of their online timelines.  I know I know, “But it’s so easy to stalk them at all hours,” you say.  And you would be correct my friends.  I’m speaking from a very hypocritical point of view now but think about the opposite.  What if you didn’t know what the object of your affection ate for breakfast?  Would you die? Probably not.

Let’s just all agree to tone it down a bit on our stalking tendencies.  It may say something about our society if we actively choose to not keep tabs on our entire extended friends and family.  Although social media is available to all it does not mean we have to soak in every status and tweet.  Stop waiting upon someone’s every update and comment.  Get out there and actually talk to all of these people who parade across your screen all day long.  Hang out in real life, in real time then go home and post about it.


2 thoughts on “When Followers & Friends Date

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