The Internet: A Love Story

I can remember my first day on the internet like it was yesterday.  My family invested their hard-earned dollars into a brand new, high tech desktop Acer computer.  I watched as they all decided on a fancy hotmail email account before using a dial up modem to connect to this new fascinating world.  The sound of my childhood could be summed up in this, “beeeeep booooooop beeeep…” which is of course the vintage sound of signing onto AOL.  Which by the way kids, we paid for!  Not to mention the truckload of “free trial offer” CD’s we were bombarded with everyday. This is when I would go make a sandwich, walk the dog, or go to school and come back because that is how long it took to get online.

Once logged on, my heart was all a flutter with sites I didn’t even understand.  My main mission was to usually pull up the local newspaper for my Dad.  It wasn’t until later that I began the very unsafe practices we all once participated in.  Remember chatrooms?  Think about how fun they used to be! Making friends and sharing false information with any random stranger who joined that room was a normal after school activity.  Then, came AOL instant messaging.  I know these terms may seem foreign to some of you but keep up.  Friends would spend all day together at school then race home and log into this chat session.  One would of course choose a very classy and intelligent screen name such as, XxCheerChick96xX, or something equally clever.  Then, you sit there for the rest of the night chatting to your friends using terms like a/s/l and brb.

There has always been something so appealing about the bright screen of a computer that makes me want to never leave my home again.  Luckily, things like smart phones and iPads keep me close to my love, the internet.  Sure there are drawbacks of being addicted to being online, but I don’t care.  Like most relationships, I do whatever it tells me to and I am just fine with that.  People often ask why I know every single thing in the world and to that I reply, “the internet!”  Growing up online has allowed me to stock pile all sorts of random, semi-useless information.  I must say, I am probably the best trivia and Catchphrase partner you’ll ever have.

I suppose what is so romantic about this love affair is how constantly changing it is.  The internet is a growing, breathing monster and it is never the same three days in a row.  It can give you anything you want along with viruses, but let’s not go there.  Many people tell the tale of when they first fell in love with their husband/wife and their eyes glow and they get excited.  It is similar to my first foray into technology so long ago that I knew, I had found where my passion in life would soon find itself.


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