Kids of the Future

The current group of children born within the last five years have a natural advantage to those before them.  This  generation will never know life without a vast amount of technology available to them.  They will never know the frustration that came with waiting for AOL to dial-up so they could instant message their entire lives away.  Nor will these kids realize how slooooow the world used to be.

My generation, The Millennials, as they’re calling us had to self-teach ourselves how to navigate through the quickly growing digital landscape.  Most of our parents couldn’t show us how to fix the internet connection or explain to us what Wi-Fi was or how it even works.  My generation has soaked up the necessary info and as a society, we have evolved into non-stop robots who live and breathe technology.  As much as I absolutely adore technology and all its benefits, there are a few scary side effects.  Just think about how consumed one’s daily life is with gadgets, apps, and cords that leave us a little less disconnected to the people around us.  Now, amplify that by a few numbers and that will surely be the lives of our future children.

Of course this sounds a bit worrisome but I think the future kids have something we didn’t.  They are now seemingly born with an innate knowledge about how to operate just about anything.  When iPods first came on the market, how many saw children just taking up the device like they’d been using it for years?  Often times, today’s kids are the ones teaching their parents about how to download an app or rebooting a computer.  It thrills me to envision the future generations to come in the realms of technology.  I am beyond proud of my generation’s accomplishments no matter how selfish or “me, me, me” they seem.  We are in a time where new innovations are flying into our lives like never before.

The idea of children becoming involved in social media and other tech related hobbies is our country’s best bet to keep emerging as a key player in the world.  We must educate and fully encourage any child’s interest in technology.  Obviously, there are ideas that have yet to be discovered.  Ideas that can only be found through allowing kids in the classroom to have access to as much knowledge and information as possible.  I hope some of us can stop scoffing at a parent’s decision to buy gadgets for their kids and embrace it.  Let the kids log in already.  Just make sure the privacy settings are set.


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