Finding the Right Social Media Vehicle

Do you Tweet?  Maybe you are strictly Facebook?  Have you thought about MySpace advertising?  Don’t worry nobody else has thought about the last one either.  When it comes to broadcasting your message to the world, are you using the right medium?

Some industries benefit from Facebook pages while others are more prominent on Twitter.  But some brands like Whole Foods are all over every social site and kicking some serious ass.  The trick seems to be testing the waters if you are a social media newbie.  It hurts to see a brand just completely dive into the shallow end only to break their necks.

When it comes to starting your brand’s social sites keep in mind a few things: The customer is your friend.

These are the people whom already like you in real life.  Get them to your Facebook page and make them like you there.  Purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by social media.  Statistics show that most millennials now trust stranger’s opinions more than a friend’s.

As a brand, you are trying to impress them of course BUT you are also putting yourself at the same table.  No longer are companies trying to stay above their customers, they want to be seated right next to them!

Another thing: Customers are always watching.

This may seem to be a no brainer.  Companies can get so wrapped up in updating and posting that they forget about who is watching them.  Whether your fan base is twelve or twelve hundred, someone somewhere is watching!  Social media is a living; breathing machine and one slip up could ruin your company’s trust.  The opposite of that statement would be to ignore social media all together.  However, that too will completely extinguish any type of transparent trust that may be available.


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