Filtering The Way We See Content

We all know mobile friendly sites are now a standard in almost any industry.  You can grade a company or brand by their savvy or not so savvy mobile utilization.  Think of the last time you had to squint, pinch, and minimize that site you were trying to view.  Total hassle, right?  Chances are you probably closed out and went to a competitor whose mobile friendly site or app did the trick.

Recently, Jenna Wortham of The New York Times spoke of a turning point in the world of mobile apps.  The order of importance has nearly flipped compared to when we were first introduced to apps.  This new phenomenon was mainly for fun games to waste time on.  Cut to 2012 and apps helps us run our busy, chaotic lives.  They lock up our homes or let us know if our yearly corporate budget is still on track.  “There’s an app for that,” is one of the most literal and honest phrases uttered in today’s conversation.

These apps have also allowed us to see how massive an impact they have.  Everyone from cashiers at the grocery store to top CEOS have heard of the monumental Instagram acquisition.  $1 Billion American dollars went towards the app that seemed to be doing quite well all on its own.  Now, Zuckerberg will step in with his Facebook force and amp up the app through a partnership.  There were lots of nay sayers when the news broke about Instagram selling out.  Excuse me; $1 Billion is just that…$1 Billion!  The Instagram team has worked hard to achieve the success they have attained.  What is so wrong about them getting a little monetary reward?

Since apps are so mainstream now, it is likely that our full sized desktops (remember those?) will ultimately fade into the horizon.  We are all too fast paced to even be able to sit down and wait for a website to load.  Let’s just all give the Instagram guys a break and wish them well.  But more importantly, are they hiring?


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