Guest Blogger Zac: Bringing Twitter Friends to the Table

The introduction of Twitter into the mainstream consciousness has also coincided with some unfortunate word combinations in our shared vernacular. Among these, “tweeps”, “twerps”, “twitts”, and other verbal amalgamations have tried (and often failed) to provide an appropriate nickname for one’s followers in this social media universe (or Twitterverse, if you will).

Even “followers”, although technically accurate and sanctioned by Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone, doesn’t quite seem to paint the right picture of the relationships forged here, one 140-character bite at a time.

In my experience, the true power of Twitter is to provide real, human connections, based on mutual interests or simple curiosity. Yes, you may follow someone, but unless there is a back-and-forth, there isn’t really a relationship there.

But how real can a text-based relationship be? With all due respect to the millions of middle school romances that exist almost entirely on Facebook, Twitter, and text message, there has got to be a better way to strengthen these relationships, right?

Enter “The Tweetup”. Yes, another awkward bit of wordplay, but it does give you a pretty clear idea of what is intended, no? Something is going on here with “Twitter” and a “meet up”. But what on earth does a “tweetup” look like?

Maybe you are like a few folks I have talk to who expected to walk into a restaurant and look for the silent group of nerds with their heads bowed in the familiar smartphone-focused position. A bunch of people sitting around, tweeting each other, with no traditional social interaction taking place in the meantime.

You would be right to avoid such a gathering. I can think of five cults that I would join before wanting to be a part of such a group.

But the reality of a tweetup is much, much different. The phones often stay holstered. If you aren’t comfortable with talking to others, you probably would not enjoy yourself. Tweetups are a chance to put a voice to the face that has been filling up your timeline (for good or bad).

Maybe you need to network, or maybe you would just like to get out and meet some new people. No matter your motivation, you will find your future Twitter interactions to be more vivid, and more meaningful. It’s almost like upgrading to Blu-Ray from DVD. It’s the same person, but now he or she is much more clearly defined.

Similarly, I hope that a “tweetup” is also more clearly defined for you as well. In contrast to the first rule of “Fight Club”, it is something that should be shared and spread liberally.

Are you interested in hosting your own?

Do you have any appropriate tweetup stories to share?

Tweet Zac at @TheZacParsons for more informative insights!


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