@OscarPRGirl Unties Fashion’s Social Media Mystery

It happened through the startup of an innocent Twitter and Tumblr account.  Fashion has its social media frontrunners of course but none had yet to cause such a stylish stir like that of @OscarPRGirl.  In a time when hundreds of “_____problems” Twitter accounts are flying off the lips of the young and old, the Director of Communications at Oscar de la Renta carved out a niche following of her own.  With the consent of Mr. De la Renta himself, Erika Bearman began tweeting from the now famous, @OscarPRGirl handle.  Her Tumblr blog has become equally popular.

What is it that has caused over 120,000 followers to listen to her every tweet?  Perhaps it is her direct relation to the actual brand of Oscar de la Renta?  Many fashion bloggers are based out of a basement or somewhere far less fabulous.  I’d like to think it is because @OscarPRGirl is bringing a feminine face to a brand many had only loved from afar.  She has brought one of the most recognizable designers into our own boudoirs.  Those who follow her, which everyone should, have become an instant insider to the behind the seams events at Oscar de la Renta.  She gives us a peak into a world some know nothing about or perhaps wish to join.

As fantastic as her journey to the heart of effective social media has been, @OscarPRGirl does not stop at Twitter.  On April 16, 2012 she live pinned the Oscar Bridal Show on Pinterest.  Such a grand idea, really!  Pinners across the nation were watching from their cubicles, cab rides, & God knows where else as PR Girl’s board was filled.  The event was in total real time!  Like any fashion conscience woman, I love seeing  photos of the shows.  But, to see it as it was happening was marvelous.

@OscarPRGirl has taught us a few things:

1. You can never be too fancy in the work place.

2.  Oscar knows best.

3.  Bridging the gap between two worlds such as social media and fashion results in significant brand image boosting.

Make sure you check her out today.  You will not be sorry, regardless of where your fashion choices lay.


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