Men are nerdy & Women are sexy.

My mother gave me a bag full of social media/tech/junk pieces from a real estate convention she attended.  While most of it was complete crap (thanks I know how to start my own FB page) this piece stuck out to me.  First, I was drawn in by this guy’s snappy bow tie but then I read.  It seems to be a very stereotypical advertising piece trying to draw yet another line between men and women in the workforce.

Not only is it offensive to women it is also highly offensive to men too.  Are all men in the tech fields donning sweater vests and retro inspired glasses?  Seems more like a halloween costume if you ask me.  And the woman on the right, how is she “creative?”  Because she listens to music in a sequin tube top?  She must be a fancy, DJ in Las Vegas.  Surely, she could never do the things Mr. Smarty Pants on the left can do.  And likewise, the man is probably not capable of spinning some sick beats while looking sexy.

I get what this company is trying to sell.  Perhaps a “best of both worlds” type of focus.  But, they are only reinforcing the current stereotypes that men and women already face everyday.  On one hand if we address the issue, it looks as if we as women are setting ourselves apart as a minority.  But, when we don’t address it; it looks as if we are submissive and don’t want to bother trying to rise above it.

I don’t even remember what this company is because I took a picture then threw it away.  I await the day when men and women are advertised in various lights and not just the standard, very uncreative lights.


7 thoughts on “Men are nerdy & Women are sexy.

  1. It’s too bad that you can’t recall the name of this company. I’d be interested to learn more about them and why they chose this strategy. Obviously, it got some kind of response from you (and me), but not the one in which they intended. I like how they are trying to promote the need for collaboration on the projects that they do, but I actually think that the guy looks more creative than the girl.

    Seriously, how long of a conversation do you think that you could have with that chick?

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