All Hail the Glorious QR Code

QR codes are nothing new, anymore.  About six months ago this wild fascination with QR codes began.  Anyone with two eyeballs and two thumbs began implementing them on everything.  From doctor’s offices to construction companies, QR codes were and still all the rage.  As great at the idea is, there are a few glitches with them.

While I do enjoy scanning a mysterious QR code and awaiting what fantastic site it will take me to, I am a bit over them.  My problem with QR code use is that some people use them so poorly.  Who wants to scan a code while driving from a billboard?  I hope nobody.  There are many blogs and sites that focus on QR code fails and I throughly enjoy them. As with most creative ideas, people took to QR codes too quickly.  They really are not for everyone.

Lastly, pretty pretty please make sure your QR code even works!  I came across one today that was even for a “social media marketing” type of company and it did not work.  Quelle horreur!  Like all free services, just because it is available to you doesn’t mean you should take advantage of it.  Make sure it fits your strategy or overall goal…and test it out.


2 thoughts on “All Hail the Glorious QR Code

  1. I’m a technofile and I find them to be rather lame myself. Maybe I never game them enough of a chance, but I’d be fine if they just faded back into oblivion.

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