DrawSomething is Having a Moment

Download DrawSomething then continue reading.

In case you’ve been under a rock or like me, recently removed from under that rock…you may or may not have heard of DrawSomething.  It is the top selling free app today and for good reason.  Who misses the nostalgic days of drawing and coloring all day?  Apparently a large portion of the country because we are all spending countless hours on this app.

You get the chance to display your Picasso like skills to your friends and guess what they draw in return.   I have quickly sorted out which friends are worth playing with and which are going to be nudging me to play.  Some people are already masters at this game while others rely on horrible stick imagery that simply does not get the job done.

Whatever your drawing abilities are, there is more than likely someone out there to match your skills.  God forbid you end up playing 17 rounds with someone who can’t guess your overly detailed image of Selena Gomez!  The other great feature is that of its relevancy to pop culture.  Some choices to draw have been Snooki and Justin Bieber.  Don’t worry scholars; I had to draw the Titanic the other day so it’s not all MTV references.  It is another great way to connect to people who may be far away or sometimes in the other room.  This app certainly doesn’t change the concepts of human thought or cure disease but it sure is fun!  Now, go draw something or find me and draw me something.


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