For the sake of Social Media

A few years ago, everyone was in awe of these up and coming “social media gurus”, “tech gurus”, and any other kind of guru that doesn’t involve Mike Meyers.  Now, it seems as if anyone with more than 2,000 tweets and a few Facebook friends can be a certified social media god.  Of course I include myself in this question, I guess.  I am a blogger, social media consultant,entrepreneur, and a few other things.

My question is this, what are we really doing?  It is far too easy to update your job sections on your social media site of choice.  Hell, I could say that I am VP of Operations for Big Ass Corporations and people may believe it to be true.  Lots of professionals fall into an undefined category in social media.  So may of us and them are in the process of something.  Nothing happens over night unless your last name is Bieber.

The social media scene seems to be one of embracing each other and sharing good, worthy content.  Isn’t the mantra “sharing is caring” what it’s really all about?  Us who work or are interested in social media always emphasize how connection and creativity are the common goal.  Some specialize in various areas that pertain to social media so everyone has an expertise in certain areas.  So, why is it that within the social media community, we are conniving one another?  There will never be ONE person who reigns over all social media. Not even Mark Zuckerburg himself!  Have you seen his Google+?

My point is this, let’s stop trying to outdo each other and see who can last the longest and speak the loudest.  Let’s just all work together to ensure social media does not get a bad name.  Too many industries began as revolutionary but are now looked at as fake or faulty.  So, be honest and be truthful.  And stop playing the one upper game.


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