My StartUp Weekend Experience

Anyone who knows me, follows me, or is connected to me in any way should know that my life changed last weekend.  Like most of the people in my life, you may be tired of hearing my praise of StartUp Weekend.  For those who have not heard of the fantastic event that is StartUp Weekend here it is in a nutshell.

  • Pitch an amazing or not so amazing idea, if you want.
  • Spend an entire weekend with basic strangers that turn into founders.
  • Let your brains work themselves so hard they nearly give out.
  • Create an actual business and or company.
  • Present that wonderful love child of an idea to a panel of investors & other important people.
  • Go home at the end of the weekend a bonafide changed person.
  • Wake up the next morning and start making your company real.


It has only been one week since StartUp Weekend but I still cannot shake the creativity that was unlocked.  Nor do I want to!  It was honestly one of the most intense 54 hours of my life.  So much has come out of it and not just this fabulous company that is about to become real.  I learned so much about myself and how I process things.  Often, we think of an idea and then let it loose.  At StartUp, this is not the case.  You must force yourself to think better and to do better.  Sure, it is a competition between teams but on Sunday night, every team was a winner.  I made wonderful friends and connections that I will forever cherish.

The best part about StartUp Weekend is that anyone can participate.  Really!  Not to mention they are held all over the world so there is no excuse for you to miss out.  I highly advise anyone even faintly interested to sign up and StartUp!

What company did I help startup, you ask?  While we are still in very early stages of development I can honestly say this is something you will see.  StartUpWeekend Evansville blog has a nice clean, cut way of describing my team and I:


ICUC:  What would you pay for a new pair of glasses? What if your purchase also funded eye care diagnosis and treatment for someone in a developing nation?  These folks are taking to heart the lesson from one of our speakers that technology’s highest value is in its service to the community.


So stick around because ICUC is something I will be talking about a lot or maybe just a little.


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