Love, Zuckerberg

All of this Facebook IPO talk is making me giddy.  I want in, I think.  I am not the brightest when it comes to stocks and I openly admit it.  But, for me it’s not even about the dollars and cents.  Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other.  We are a more open society due to it.  I probably say the “F word” a few times a day.  People who know me know I LOVE Facebook.  But, for me it’s not all about the games, likes, and ads.  It is really about the people.  We are now allowed to engage with anyone at anytime.  Given good circumstances it usually leaves us in awe and knowing more about something.  It’s sometimes hard to see how astounding this newly public traded company really is.  Let’s all meet up in fifty years and discuss how flipping fantastic these days were.  But until then, let’s continue to share!  I await the day I can at least have a few dollars invested in this brilliant machine.  Here is the four page letter he wrote to potential investors aka me!

The link will take you to which is my daily source of inspiration and insight! Thanks Pete!


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