For the Non-Believers

esterday, I heard something horrible.  Something so awful, it made me cringe and die just a little on the inside. Not only did this person say aloud, “I hate Twitter” they also expressed distaste for all things social media.  Close friends of mine may wonder how I didn’t fall out of my chair or pull her hair.  I almost did but luckily I kept downing the coffee in my hand so nobody was hurt.

I understand not wanting to be constantly connected to some type of site, app, or other related internet phenomenon.  Someday doctors may tell us that living these “plugged in” lives we currently live is bad for us. But, until then I refuse to live any other way.  It shocks me that in 2012, some people are still so opposed to social media.  Not saying everyone must be relevant on every site possible but I feel most should at least be aware of the benefits.  There are so many wonderful, magnificent sites for everyone.  Sure, Twitter may not be for everyone. Even if it is borderline reaching the 500 million users mark.

The social media ship has long taken off the boating dock and is half way around the world.  All the important conversations are happening via tweets, status, and other forms of social media.  When another person bad mouths social media, they may as well call my mother a nasty word or tell me I dress funny.  What really frustrates me is how some refuse to even test the waters or browse all these top sites we bloggers rave about. Don’t tell me you hate Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, FourSquare, LinkedIn, or whatever other site you can think or until you have tried it out.  It boggles my mind that some are so reluctant to join in on the conversations of the decade.

Perhaps, before you go swimming onto your own social media free island, give social media a chance. Remember when Facebook was “too complicated” or MySpace seemed “chaotic?”  Neither do I but some expressed those emotions.  Anyway, make sure you are fully educated on something before you hate on it.  I will now step down from my soap box for a few days.


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