The ROI of YOU!

any professionals often ask the question, “But why can’t I automate all my tweets/status?” “What is my ROI?” “Shouldn’t I be more buttoned up on my company social sites?”  Of course you want to portray a business professional on your sites.  Or maybe emphasize how “unbusiness” like you are as Scott Stratten would say.  And trust me, that is GOOD thing!  Whatever your target, there are great ways to implement this.  In the age of constant social media, customers want to feel important.  Many want to think of your brand as someone, not something, they can depend on.  They also want to know how you or your brand feels.  Customers want to interact with the company they are ultimately putting money into.

The distance between brands and their customers is growing increasingly smaller and social media along with online access has given us the chance to capitalize on this fact.  There are so many ways for brands to give a new life to their company through social media.  The various ways of speaking directly to your fan base have evolved greatly.  Most importantly, be honest with them.  Most of us can smell bullshit from thirty miles away and customers do not like to be taken advantage of, by any means.  Whether that is psychologically, financially, or any other –ally you can think of.

I’m sure there are lists of important things to include when creating or recreating your online persona.  Google them and follow away.  But while following social media rules regarding lists, always keep in mind…allow yourself to be transparent.  I do not mean post your social security number or the directions to your house but emotionally.  Allow others into your thought process and you’ll be amazed at the friends and followers you receive.  Begin sharing pieces of yourself that would cause a little change and help the brands you stand for benefit from it.  Everyone wants to know there is a real human being behind a brand they consume.  That could mean your brand as a realtor or even a much larger corporation such as Target.

Get out there and start being yourself.  Take it up another level and really let your true personality shine through.  Our main goal as professionals using social media is to invest in emotions.  Save the statistical graphs and big number crunching facts for your presentations.  Sure readers like to know you had the most successful sales in three years.  BUT, they also appreciate a little old fashioned touchy feely stuff sometimes.  The results will be amazing and you might even develop a warm fuzzy feeling in the center of your chest.


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