Finding Your Online Self

hen it comes to creating your online persona, look no further than the closest mirror or diary.  You already have all the tools needed to make yourself relevant and exciting online.  Gone are the days of split personalities on the internet, unless you still want to claim your old email  Thankfully, through the choice of social media and other online devices, we are allowed to be as transparent as we want.  You are a click away from sharing your life story or sharing what your two year old threw up that morning.  Whichever side of yourself you are willing to share, someone will definitely care or maybe not care.  Excuse my prolific rhyming skills.  Some say I greatly influenced Tupac.  But anyway, the whole point of being your full self online has many benefits.

Displaying your true self can gather hundreds if not thousands of like minded individuals.  It’s like throwing a party and inviting all the smart people who like racquetball, just like you.  Or you can now even create circles through the glorious Google+ and experience the same effect.  Go to LinkedIn and look for groups or interests which will lead you to even more genius people like yourself.  The point is, why not just let all your flaws and fabulousness hang out?  Everyone else is doing it and they’re having fun and more importantly getting things done.  In this day, our online persona and our actual self is becoming more and more the same person and thank goodness for that!  I think this especially helps those online daters who were once prepared to see their handsome, 6’3 blonde date turn out to be the complete opposite.

As we all learn and grow into our social media practices, we have slowly processed that it is ok to just be yourself.  There is a new level of self-esteem earned through sharing with others and I feel it has done wonders for our internet collectivity.  Through social media, we have gained confidence in who we really are.  Take the online bullying situation that has been revealed within the past few years.  Countless videos and stories like Jonah Mowry’s have spurred the rise of bully opposition in our nation.  No longer do those who are tormented and taken advantage of sit back and let it happen.  We have the advantage of the best tool ever…a VOICE.  Every child, teen, and adult can now speak out for themselves.  Of course this comes with advantages and disadvantages, but it is one of our most God given rights.  Luckily, we can use this free means of communication and blast our message to all corners of the world.  Sometimes the message may be empowerment or sometimes a comical one.  No matter what case, take pride in knowing if you have something to say, there are multiple vehicles for you to tell the world.

So when we hear the words, “online persona” we can no longer cringe.  Thanks to recent developments, we now have the capability to be the exact people we portray on our pretty little touch screens.  Internet culture is widely becoming a case of what you see is what you get and that is one of the best benefits of all.


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